Show 22 – “Burgley Wurgley”

Rick and Pete are back for another show jam(my) packed with super-good real-nice tunes. We think we’re getting ever so slightly better at presenting but would love your feedback! Join us on our Facebook page for whatever people do these days on Facebook.


  1. Rykard – Shelter Cove (Social Weapons Remix) [Dedpop]
  2. Ketsa – Solution [Invisible Agent]
  3. WNY – Six (Pocka Remix) [Kikapu]
  4. Cilocub – Eyes Around the Shivering Tree [Retronym]
  5. Just Five Guys – Blue Bossa [Modicum]
  6. Kurt Baggaley – Natural Phases [The Bohemian Club]
  7. Zomblaze – Out [Budabeats]
  8. Tape Sounds – The Serpent