Episode 24 – Halloween Special

Pete and Rick take a trip to a haunted house and inexplicably spend all their time there playing frightening music. To experience this podcast at its best, please listen on headphones whilst hiding under your bed. Don’t hide under someone else’s bed; we frown upon such behaviour.


  1. DiEter Stijl – Creepy crawlies [Noisybeat]
  2. LRA – Ricco it’s monster [Electrobel]
  3. Urchin – Creepy Frighten
  4. CKid – Down with ghosts [Monotonic]
  5. Rykard – Faustian Pact [Hunya Munya]
  6. Danseizure – Coffin [Invisible Agent]
  7. Pandacetamol – Under a Nightmare [Rec72]
  8. Palancar – The darkest evening of the year [Earth Mantra]
  9. Owls – Grrunt [Planet X Records]