The Find Podcast

Jammy Toast is lovely but it doesn’t last forever. Stale bread. Fluff in the preserve. You know what I mean? So Rick and I decided it was time for something new, and that new thing is called The Find. It’s a podcast with a red and white logo which plays exciting underground and unsigned music. Seems weirdly familiar to me for some reason.

Anyway, check out The Find Podcast for some cracking tunes. Ta ta.


Ep29 – Send ’em a quid!

This week we discuss the importance of Radiohead’s Kid A, encourage you to send someone a quid and of couse play some crackin’ tunes. We also might possibly (but hopefully not) offend some Australians. And Americans. And maybe some English folk.


  1. Bangy Bangy by The Fresh Cut Collective
  2. Give It Up, Don’t Give It Away by Fable & the World Flat
  3. All There Is (Feat. Steffaloo) by Chrome Sparks
  4. Night Moves by Bearhead
  5. Out My Window by Michal Menert & Break Science
  6. Our Trees Will Grow by The Townhouses
  7. Green Season by DIBIA$E
  8. After hours by Pilotpriest
  9. Breaking my own rules by Sean Eskimo

Background music in this episode was by Flying LotusLetheretteBeleeb and Dr Who? Dat and is freely available by clicking those links there. We think, and hope, it’s alreet to include this stuff in our little show but let us know if it’s not and we’ll ‘eradicate the offense’. Cheers.

Listen online by clicking the play button below!

Ep28 – Wack ‘im!

This week your presenters struggle with artist names.


  1. Nocow – Sever Ties
  2. DELS – Bird Milk
  3. Piff PCH & Mr Brady – Best of
  4. David Ezra Brown – Drty Mny
  5. 4mat – The wonderful
  6. Freddie Joachim – When you sleep
  7. The New Division – Soft
  8. Vanilla – Gold

Background music in the episode was by Sean Eskimo, Rykard and Rysic Cygo.

Ep27 – A Cowboy’s Grandpa

Rick thinks MC Hammer is Rubbish. Pete disagrees. Rick recounts a harrowing tale from his youth. Pete’s not sure what to make of it.


  1. Nightly Beat – 7
  2. Bear//Face – Taste my sad
  3. Caves – Jade
  4. Ju-Ar – Empty
  5. My Dry Wet Mess – Lick
  6. eO – Seedfall (Nest Of Wishes #1)
  7. Rykard – Hold on [Exclusive!]
  8. Qebrus and Valance Drakes – Chapter one

In this episode Rick questioned Pete’s film knowledge. Rick was wrong.

Episode 26 – Sack of sounds

We’re both slightly hungover this week but we’re not going to let that stop us from delivering you another slice of audio love pie. Taste it!


  1. Curly Jefferson – Dancette
  2. 813 – Bluebirds
  3. Elaquent – The love
  4. Kinan – Rose et Gris
  5. Ruff Draft – Cypher Grae
  6. Kiyomitsu Miyashita – City
  7. GRANT – Bloom
  8. Mender – Disylabic

Episode 25 – I do hate clowns

Pete tells Rick he hates clowns. Rick accuses Pete of being a drug dealer.


  1. Global Goon – Oozing tar
  2. Sivey – A little help
  3. Rysic Cygo – Red button eyes
  4. Slim the chemist – Her
  5. Gsq – So far
  6. Elkhor – Aka (Horace von Daina mix)
  7. Glowbug – Heat wave
  8. Sabrepulse – Paradise

Episode 24 – Halloween Special

Pete and Rick take a trip to a haunted house and inexplicably spend all their time there playing frightening music. To experience this podcast at its best, please listen on headphones whilst hiding under your bed. Don’t hide under someone else’s bed; we frown upon such behaviour.


  1. DiEter Stijl – Creepy crawlies [Noisybeat]
  2. LRA – Ricco it’s monster [Electrobel]
  3. Urchin – Creepy Frighten
  4. CKid – Down with ghosts [Monotonic]
  5. Rykard – Faustian Pact [Hunya Munya]
  6. Danseizure – Coffin [Invisible Agent]
  7. Pandacetamol – Under a Nightmare [Rec72]
  8. Palancar – The darkest evening of the year [Earth Mantra]
  9. Owls – Grrunt [Planet X Records]

Show 23 – Clog Billycock

Rick’s mic sounds shoddy (he got it from Tesco) but the tunes are good! What’s that? New music from Letherette, Bitbasic, Ketsa and more!? Yes!


  1. FlyGoon – Gone (Watch on YouTube)
  2. Bitbasic – Alpha Dromayo [Rec72]
  3. Eigenheimer – Shopping Mall [Rec72] (Watch on YouTube)
  4. Letherette – Warstones [Ninja Tune]
  5. Ketsa – Fermentation [Invisible Agent] (Netlabelism review)
  6. Two.Seconds.Per.Sonar – Monkey Tree [Schwa!]
  7. Prof.Logik – Like the breeze [Potholes Music]
  8. Dr. Vector – Time for tennis [Disconinjaz]

Show 22 – “Burgley Wurgley”

Rick and Pete are back for another show jam(my) packed with super-good real-nice tunes. We think we’re getting ever so slightly better at presenting but would love your feedback! Join us on our Facebook page for whatever people do these days on Facebook.


  1. Rykard – Shelter Cove (Social Weapons Remix) [Dedpop]
  2. Ketsa – Solution [Invisible Agent]
  3. WNY – Six (Pocka Remix) [Kikapu]
  4. Cilocub – Eyes Around the Shivering Tree [Retronym]
  5. Just Five Guys – Blue Bossa [Modicum]
  6. Kurt Baggaley – Natural Phases [The Bohemian Club]
  7. Zomblaze – Out [Budabeats]
  8. Tape Sounds – The Serpent

Show 21 – “Better than E.T.”

This week something exciting happened; Jammy Toast gained a co-host! I’m very happy to introduce Rick Wearing AKA Rykard who will be joining me as often as possible to record the podcast. Rick brought some cracking tunes with him.


  1. Glowbug – The cockroach
  2. Catnip and Claws – Altostratus [Dedpop]
  3. Suhov – Nappal [Budabeats]
  4. Rykard – Neon Drive [Dedpop]
  5. Scarf Face – Lonesome [Schwa!]
  6. Daylight Rain – Neon Soil
  7. Caves – Galactic Groves